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It's really that simple. Every old bible laying around your house has someone's eternity written in it. What are you waiting for?

492 Million

Number of Bibles in America

180 Million

Number of Christians without a Bible globally.


Average Number of Bibles per American Household 


The number of Bibles it takes to change a life.

About Our Ministry

We are an organization focused specifically on obtaining bibles for distribution across the world in order to get them in the hands of people who have no other way of getting one.


Upcoming Projects to Fund

Our in-person ministry is found at where we schedule bible collection events at churches nationwide. Find out how you can schedule an event at your local church or financially support others.



Sending your old bibles is one way to help us, but there are more. Find out how you can assist in getting these bibles all around the world.

All the Latest Updates

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Get to Know Us

Find out more about who we are and what we are about.

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Contact Us

Send Your Old Bibles

2315 Rohrer St. NW

North Canton, Ohio 44720

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