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We are an organization focused on getting the Word of God into people's hands all over the world. We see you as an integral part of that mission.


My father was a pastor, teacher, and evangelist for over 45 years. He received a Bachelor's degree in Bible Studies from Northwest Bible College in Minot, North Dakota. As you can imagine, he amassed quite a collection of bibles over that time. 57, to be exact. That's how many I counted when they were in my garage after his death in December 2020. The next question God asked me was the one that led to this ministry. "What good are they doing sitting there?" I didn't have an answer, so I decided to find a home for them.

That's when I found Love Packages, a ministry in Butler, Illinois that ships thousands of pounds of bibles and material overseas every year. Those 57 bibles were just the start. We began to go to thrift stores and other locations to find used bibles. We had our first event in our driveway in September of 2021.  Since then, we have shipped over 4,200 bibles and resources to Butler and we are just getting started. God didn't give us this ministry to stop at 57, or 4,200, or even 50,000. Together with you, we can help deliver the Word to countless Believers around the world.


Our partners are critical to the success of this ministry. From our home church in Canton, Ohio- Identity, to our distribution method- Love Packages, as well as others, it would not work if they weren't supporting. Be sure to check out their links below to find out more.

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